16 December 2013

{Giveaway} Santa's Little Helper

santaslittlehelperMy Dear Friends, 

Welcome to the Santa's Little Helper Giveaway Hop, hosted by Viva Veltoro and So Easy Being Green!

We all know that everyone could use a little help around the Holidays, so for this event I've teamed up with over 90 other bloggers to be your Santa's Little Helper... giving away prizes that anyone would want to see under the tree! 

You might find the perfect gift for a little one on your list - or even for yourself, so hop around to all the blogs, including the GRAND PRIZE, on the linky at the bottom of this post!


The hosts of this awesome hop have put together a Grand Prize Package for a lucky little one!  This Santa's Little Helper is going to deliver to one lucky reader... a $100 Gift Card to jrfashionista.com and a $100 Gift Card to Pediped.com to get that little one styling, a $75 Gift Card to Hearthsong.com and a $50 GC to Build-a-Bear to satisfy their Toy List, and a Crane USA Adorable Cool Mist Humidifier and Nightlight so they can sleep soundly waiting on St. Nick!

Enter the Grand Prize Here.

I'm giving away a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card!  Everyone loves gift cards because they mean you can get whatever you want!  Who doesn't love that?!  Use the Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in!  This giveaway is open worldwide!  Good Luck everyone! #SantasLilHelper

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don't forget to hop around and enter all the other great giveaways! So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, Fashion In The Forest, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Santa’s Little Helper participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.



11 December 2013

Steals & Deals: Ellore Femme 24-Piece Hair Chalk Set

My Dear Friends,

If you don't know what Hair Chalk is, then prepare yourself for some serious awesomness!  Hair Chalk is a super fun, temporary method to add some serious flair to your hair.  These vibrantly colored hair-chalk sticks from Ellore Femme help you to easily paint rainbow hues onto your strands.  The easy-to-blend dyes are formulated with natural plant pigments, rendering the chalk non-toxic. All 24 colors easily wash out in the shower.

If you're in the mood for some spontaneous, yet non permanent, hair color then Hair Chalk is for you.  Simply blend in the colors you want while your hair is wet and set with heat.  The Hair Chalk set from Ellore Femme comes with 24 vibrant shades that allow you to get creative with your color!  As with all dyes/chalks, it may transfer onto clothing during application & may cause respiratory irritation if inhaled.

Those fabulous people at Ellore Femme want my readers to save $30 off the Ellore Femme 24-Piece Hair Chalk Set with promo code BL15. (Regular Price: US $44.99)  That makes your special price only $14.99!
I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this review.

Steals & Deals: Ellore Femme 24-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

My Dear Friends,

Are you still searching for a great Christmas gift for your friend, daughter, co-worker, etc?  Allow me to introduce you to the Ellore Femme 24-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set!  This amazing set comes with a travel case which gives you the ability to carry the brushes around with ease!  This 24 piece brush set is filled with specific tools designed to help you cover a wide range of areas!  These brushes are high quality, made with a luxurious blend of soft animal hair and synthetic bristles.  The slim brushes stay neatly lined within a fold-up travel case.  (dimensions: 9.85"L x 4.9"W x 1.9"H)

In this set you'll receive one each of the following brushes:

Bevel eyebrow/eyeliner brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow and eyelash comb
Eyelash brush
Eye-shadow brush
Fine eyeliner brush
Foundation brush
Highlight brush
Large bevel contour brush
Large eye-shadow brush
Large powder brush
Lip brush
Medium bevel eyebrow/eye shadow
Medium bevel eye-shadow brush
Nose-shadow brush
One large fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Powder and blush brush
Small bevel eyebrow/eye shadow brush
Small fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Sponge eye-shadow brush
Two medium eye-shadow brushes
Two small eye-shadow brushes
PLUS the roll-up leather case

I've got some great news for you!  Ellore Femme wants YOU to save some money this holiday season!  Use promo code BL29 to take $120 off the 24-piece professional makeup brush set!  (Regular Price $149.99)

I received the item above in exchange for this post.

10 December 2013

Tuesday Steals & Deals

My Dear Friends,

Here are some great coupons to help you save while shopping!

06 December 2013

[INTRODUCING] Krome Photos

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever tried to take a great photo using your smartphone and ended up with a 'blah' photo?  I think we all have.  My phone doesn't have a flash so I end up with shadowy, murky photos sometimes and it drives me crazy!  There's nothing worse than trying to capture a moment and the photo outcome is not what you hoped for.  

A big trend right now is giving smartphone photos as gifts.  It's a great way to save memories!  While browsing around the app store, I stumbled upon Krome.  The app is free and, trust me when I say this, truly amazing!     

Think about photos you've taken.  We all have those pics where it would be just perfect...if it weren't for something messing up the shot.  The background is blurry, someone photo-bombed you, the pic is just a little too dark, there's someone in the photo you'd rather not have in there?  Common causes of photo annoyance can be easily solved with Krome!

With Krome you can send your less than stellar photos in for the photo editing wizards to do their enhancement magic and get back something awesome! Your photo can be even be printed on canvas, ready to hang on the wall.

But how does Krome work, you may ask?  When you sign up to Krome Photos, you'll get the help of a professional photo editor. Your photos are processed by a real person –-- not put through a bunch of app filters.  Your editor can even look at a set of photos, pick the best one, crop it, color-correct, remove the red-eye or brighten a poorly lit scene.  Simply upload your photos to Krome, click the Krome Treatment button and select the photos you want fixed. Your Krome editor will do the work and upload the treated photos to your account within 48 hours.

Krome even backs up your photos and stores them in your account. From there you can get prints on paper, canvas, gift cards, plaques or even an iPhone case.   Think of all the great gifts you could make!

Do you have a photo that needs some serious advanced work?  Don't fret -- Krome has you covered.  Simply upload your photos and tell your editor exactly what you need done.  That's it!  You'll see a professionally edited photo within 24 hours.  Krome can also remove distracting objects & people from the background of a photo.

In some cases, your Krome editor can even retouch the original background or even replace the entire background with a different photo.  Would you like to remove blemishes, calm stray hairs, or smooth skin?  It's totally possible!  Movie stars have access to retouching studios, now you can too!  Just tell your Krome editor how you would like your photo to be touched up and he or she will take care of the rest. 

Krome also brightens dark & dull photos.  While it's true that smartphones are great for capturing special moments, sometimes the image quality can affect the appearance of your skin. Krome editors can help reduce the graininess and pixilation caused by smartphone cameras, making skin look smooth and beautiful.  (This is one of the big problems with my phone pics!)  Did I mention that they can often reveal faces hidden by shadows?

If you're tired of paying for muddy or fuzzy photos from the drugstore print shop, it's time to upload your photos to Krome & let their editors clean them up, print them out and ship them right to your front door!  What's not to love?

This is one app you're bound to love!  I know I'm addicted already!  I love all the options available for my newly awesome photos.  The hardest part is deciding whether to get them on canvas, plaques, iphone cases, paper or gift cards!

Download the the free Krome app for iPhone and get a $10 credit towards your first editing job!

This is a compensated post.  All opinions are my own.

{REVIEW} eMeals.com

My Dear Friends,

#adLiving in this fast paced, bustling world can be hard on the wallet.  Eating out at restaurants has become common because people don't want to or don't have time to cook.  Meal planning is a necessity in supplementing a busy lifestyle.  Sticking to a meal plan not only provides a dinner plan for every day, but it also provides a strict grocery list that allows you to plan ahead and save money.  Another plus is that no one in your household will ever have to ask "what's for dinner?".

Save 30% with code CyberI completely adore using eMeals.com to help me with my meal planning.  Choosing the meal plan that's right for you is easy and fun.  eMeals provides easy recipes with easy-to-follow directions and a grocery list for budget minded & busy people.

First you start by selecting your family size then what your food style is (there are over 50 meal plans available!) and finally you choose your preferred store to shop at.  Once you've done that, you'll get a customized meal plan delivered to your inbox every Wednesday with a week's worth of recipes as well as a shopping list.  It doesn't get much simpler!

As you prepare for the holidays this year, let eMeals be your guide to healthy eating.  eMeals now has a traditional Holiday Menu Plan available for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  There are two additional versions of the Holiday Plan for 2013: Paleo Holiday Plan and Clean Eating Holiday Plan.  eMeals knows it can be daunting to enter the kitchen to cook for your family during this time of the year, so take this as your easy way out!

Everyone loves dessert.  After a holiday meal, you want something tasty and sweet.  Well, I've got some great news for all you dessert lovers out there!  eMeals has launched a Dessert Plan too!


Get your hands on delicious recipes like the ones shown above or grab dessert recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth!  Right now, eMeals is offering a great deal!  eMeals is offering an amazing deal right now --- save 30% on all meal plans with code "CYBER"!

I received a free one year membership to eMeals in exchange for this post.  No money 
exchanged hands and opinions are my own.  Thank you, eMeals!

05 December 2013

[Thankful For Our Followers Giveaway Hop]

Welcome to the Thankful for our Followers Giveaway Hop hosted by So Easy Being Green!

YOU are the reason that we host giveaways so it's time to show our appreciation to you... our readers and blog followers. Normally we offer giveaways with entries to help boost our blog, but this hop is all about making it easier on YOU. 

Each blogger in this hop is offering a wonderful prize worth at least $25 and ALL giveaways have only ONE way to enter! Isn't that awesome?!  Hop around to them all as we show you how we're Thankful For YOU! 

I'm giving away a $25 Etsy Gift Card!  Make sure to use the Rafflecopter form below to get your one entry in!  Good Luck Everyone! #Thankful4You

Don't forget to check out these other great giveaways:
So Easy Being Green, Fashion In The Forest, the Blogging Mamas Network and the Thankful for our Followers 
participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

03 December 2013

[Introducing] SKILLSHARE

My Dear Friends,

Did you know that there's a place where you can learn essential skills from industry leaders who are shaping the world of fashion today?  It's true!  Whether you are an aspiring apparel brand mogul or simply looking to write your first style blog post, the Skillshare School of Fashion and Style will provide you with the tools to make it happen.

I've always wanted to take fashion and style classes...and now I can!  

Education is what someone tells you to do.

Learning is what you do for yourself.


The traditional way of education forces square pegs into round holes. It's a one-size-fits-all solution that forces people down a predetermined path.
Our mission is simple. Reunite learning with education and make it accessible to every single person on this planet. Anyone can learn anything, at any age, at an affordable cost, anywhere in the world.

Learning has no roadblocks, prescribed paths, tests, quizzes, or outdated majors and degrees. It’s driven and powered by students. Here, students never ‘graduate’ because they are lifelong learners. Caps and gowns don’t see the light of day.
Teachers are passionate. Students stay curious. Because curiosity is the compass that leads us to our individual passions.


Learn by Doing

Rather than memorize equations for a test, learn by taking action. Learn from your peers. Learn by getting feedback. Learn by making mistakes. Learn by making things.
Your statement of accomplishment no longer needs to be a degree, certificate, or stamp of approval. Instead, frame the pictures you've taken, bake a cake, and wireframe your future website.
Proof of learning is in progress and action. Now, a piece of paper is just that, and your creations are your accomplishments. Learn new skills that are transferable, adaptable, and applicable in the world today.

Everyone is a Teacher

You can learn from anyone – which means we’re all teachers. The best way to confirm your understanding of something is to share it with someone else. We all have things we’re passionate about sharing with the world. If you’ve done something for even a few days more than someone else, you have valuable knowledge to share.
Why teach? Because teaching is inspiring, motivating, life-changing, challenging, and all of the above. The best teachers simply ask the right questions, facilitate students to discover, and find their individual passion. Amen!

Learning Can Happen Anywhere

Our cities are our best and biggest campuses, and any address can be a classroom. Forget desks and projectors. Use your hands, talk over coffee and cake, print out pictures that tell the story you want to share. Walls? Never mind them. Teach in a park, at the library, on a boat...and, ok, even in your kitchen. Share your skills online to thousands of students across the globe. Learning can happen online, offline, and everywhere in between.

We Can Change Education

The world’s most abundant resources are excess knowledge and skills. They just need to be shared and made accessible to everyone.
Learning and teaching are essential to keep the world spinning. All of our progress is dependent on it. This cycle turns magical when a student becomes a teacher. If we all share our knowledge and skills with each other, it becomes an endless cycle of awesomeness, and the world becomes a much better place.