06 December 2013

[INTRODUCING] Krome Photos

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever tried to take a great photo using your smartphone and ended up with a 'blah' photo?  I think we all have.  My phone doesn't have a flash so I end up with shadowy, murky photos sometimes and it drives me crazy!  There's nothing worse than trying to capture a moment and the photo outcome is not what you hoped for.  

A big trend right now is giving smartphone photos as gifts.  It's a great way to save memories!  While browsing around the app store, I stumbled upon Krome.  The app is free and, trust me when I say this, truly amazing!     

Think about photos you've taken.  We all have those pics where it would be just perfect...if it weren't for something messing up the shot.  The background is blurry, someone photo-bombed you, the pic is just a little too dark, there's someone in the photo you'd rather not have in there?  Common causes of photo annoyance can be easily solved with Krome!

With Krome you can send your less than stellar photos in for the photo editing wizards to do their enhancement magic and get back something awesome! Your photo can be even be printed on canvas, ready to hang on the wall.

But how does Krome work, you may ask?  When you sign up to Krome Photos, you'll get the help of a professional photo editor. Your photos are processed by a real person –-- not put through a bunch of app filters.  Your editor can even look at a set of photos, pick the best one, crop it, color-correct, remove the red-eye or brighten a poorly lit scene.  Simply upload your photos to Krome, click the Krome Treatment button and select the photos you want fixed. Your Krome editor will do the work and upload the treated photos to your account within 48 hours.

Krome even backs up your photos and stores them in your account. From there you can get prints on paper, canvas, gift cards, plaques or even an iPhone case.   Think of all the great gifts you could make!

Do you have a photo that needs some serious advanced work?  Don't fret -- Krome has you covered.  Simply upload your photos and tell your editor exactly what you need done.  That's it!  You'll see a professionally edited photo within 24 hours.  Krome can also remove distracting objects & people from the background of a photo.

In some cases, your Krome editor can even retouch the original background or even replace the entire background with a different photo.  Would you like to remove blemishes, calm stray hairs, or smooth skin?  It's totally possible!  Movie stars have access to retouching studios, now you can too!  Just tell your Krome editor how you would like your photo to be touched up and he or she will take care of the rest. 

Krome also brightens dark & dull photos.  While it's true that smartphones are great for capturing special moments, sometimes the image quality can affect the appearance of your skin. Krome editors can help reduce the graininess and pixilation caused by smartphone cameras, making skin look smooth and beautiful.  (This is one of the big problems with my phone pics!)  Did I mention that they can often reveal faces hidden by shadows?

If you're tired of paying for muddy or fuzzy photos from the drugstore print shop, it's time to upload your photos to Krome & let their editors clean them up, print them out and ship them right to your front door!  What's not to love?

This is one app you're bound to love!  I know I'm addicted already!  I love all the options available for my newly awesome photos.  The hardest part is deciding whether to get them on canvas, plaques, iphone cases, paper or gift cards!

Download the the free Krome app for iPhone and get a $10 credit towards your first editing job!

This is a compensated post.  All opinions are my own.



I work at editing photos, but i"m no where near a professional level. I love this idea that for the really Special photos; I can get help getting them edited just right.

Patty Woodland said...

Sounds amazing. I wish it worked for regular photos. I could use that. I don't have a smartphone....It's like having a pro on call!

Ellen said...

Very cool. I definitely need this!

Lena B said...

WOW - that is pretty cool!

Jenna Wood said...

This seems really neat, but also a little creepy. I mean, replacing kids' face, that's some intense photoshopping. Personally, I love photo editing, but this is a great tool for beginning photographers and digital photo enthusiasts!

Jenn Mitchell said...

Wow, this looks like a great service. I'll have to check it out. I love to edit photos, but some of these examples are beyond my skills.

Melissa Pezza said...

I need to get this! Sounds so cool!

Jewels For Hope said...

Ah I love this!! Seriously, I am a photo nut and love taking pics but they usually are not that great. I can so use this app!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I'm completely sold! You're definitely right; there's nothing worse then taking a picture only to find out that it didn't turn out the way you wanted to and by that time, the moment is gone.

Cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me!

I'm going and downloading this right NOW :D

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

Wow! The differences in the originals and the enhancements is amazing. I need that app.

Katherine Bartlett said...

Wow, you can really see a huge difference!

Lena B said...

That is pretty cool - personal touch is everything and I can think of a bunch of pictures that could use some help