08 January 2014

CampusBookRentals & RentBack

College can be scary.  I mean, sure, it's thrilling, exciting...it's a new adventure!  It's also uncharted territory.  Expensive uncharted territory.  It seems that one common occurrence is overpriced textbooks.  They get used for one semester!  Why are they so expensive?!  Back when I was in college, we only had one option - sell the textbook back to the bookstore for a literal fraction of what we paid for it.

That's not the deal anymore!  College students now have an awesome opportunity to get rid of those books while getting back some of that valuable cash!  You can also rent textbooks now!  I wish that option was around in my college days!  Allow me to introduce you to CampusBookRentals.com

If you need a book but aren't too keen on an expensive commitment, Campus Book Rentals is THE place for you!  On top of everyday savings of 40% to 90%, Campus Book Rentals offers free shipping both ways plus flexible renting periods!  Do you highlight text or scribble notes in the margins?  They so don't have a problem with that!

One of the coolest things about Campus Book Rentals, in my opinion, is how they donate to Operation Smile.  That's right, a portion of each textbook rented goes to this awesome organization.  Now you can make multiple people smile!

Do you happen to have textbooks that you don't use, just sitting around, collecting dust?  Why not rent those books out to students who can use them?  Head to RentBack.com and get started making some of that hard-earned money back!  On average, people who use RentBack make 2-4 times the money back, compared to what they would get if they simply sold the book via a buyback option!  Who wouldn't love MORE money?!

Do yourself a favor and check out these fantastic sites.  Whether you want to sell or rent, they've got you covered!

This was a compensated post made possible by CampusBookRentals/RentBack.  All opinions are my own.

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