15 January 2014

{GET TO KNOW} Les Cinq Amandes

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My Dear Friends,

Valentine's Day is exactly one month away & you know what that means....time to get your special someone the perfect gift!  I'd like to introduce you to Les Cinq Amandes, a lovely confection company where tradition and sweetness meet. 

Every big event or holiday in life is commemorated with something sweet; whether it be weddings, engagements, graduation parties, births or holidays...these events typically have one thing in common --- they include candy as part of the celebration which symbolizes the sweet beginning of a new phase in life.

Les Cinq Amandes translates to The 5 Almonds & it is a saying that has long been tied to weddings and celebrations.   The ancient Romans served Sicilian Almonds coated with honey to wedding guests until the introduction of sugar in the 15th century.  During the Italian Renaissance period, Florence, Italy was the major production center of sugared almonds (dragées).  The powerful Florentine Medici Family introduced the dragées to all the Royal European courts.  Did you know that when Catherine de Medicis married the future King Henry II of France in 1533, her chefs dazzled wedding guests with these sweet, flavorful, and crunchy confections?  It's true!

Les Cinq Amandes, founded in CT by a mother daughter duo in 2007, has hundreds of sweet renditions that are unique, each telling a story, invitation to a special journey tied to the universal wishes of Health, Happiness, Long Life, Peace, and Love: a real feast to the five senses!  I have no doubt that you'll spend a long while on their site, feasting your eyes on the various temptations.  They offer many types of dragées, including almond, ginger, chocolate, fig, cashew, apricot, tiramissu, apple, orange peel, caramel, hazelnut and mini pearls.  They also feature a lovely array of crystalized leaves and flower petals.  If you've never had a candied flower petal, you are missing out! (I recommend the violets!)  Les Cinq Amandes also makes their own artisanal chocolates and caramels that are to die for!

Les Cinq Amandes is a delicious, beautiful, elegant & affordable option for any holiday or special event.  Each gift is wrapped in their tasteful Five Wishes paper for that extra special touch!  Check out the Les Cinq Amandes online store today & use code HOLIDAY10 for an extra 10% off your entire order!


I was given some Les Cinq Amandes product for review in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received.  Thank you Les Cinq Amandes & Brandbacker for this opportunity.

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