24 November 2017

{REVIEW} Sun Tail Mermaid

When I was little, I wanted to be a mermaid.


See, I was a kid when The Little Mermaid came out and Ariel was IT for me. For the next few years, anytime I went swimming with my friends or cousins, we played 'mermaids'. We'd swim around with our legs together and flip our feet like mermaid tails. We thought we were the coolest.

I don't think I ever really fell out of love with the fantasy of being a mermaid. I still love The Little Mermaid and I think the current all things mermaid trend is awesome. My absolute favorite thing to come out of the mermaid craze, though? Actual, legit swimmable mermaid tails. I mean, if these were around when I was a kid I would have never gotten out of the water.

Sun Tails started as a Kickstarter in 2015, gaining the funding needed in just one month! Business quickly gained momentum & now they're helping people achieve their mermaid dreams all over the world!

Looking through their website, I had a hard time deciding which mermaid tail to get. There were several that I really loved the look of. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ultimately, though, I decided to go classic, and for me, that means green like Ariel's tail from The Little Mermaid. The color I chose is called Siren Green.

The mermaid tails are so cool! As you can see in the photo, the tail is made of two parts - the monofin & the skin. You can buy the monofin and the tail separately but the best price available is when they're bought as a set.

The monofin is basically one big flipper. It's purpose is to aid in propulsion through the water, but it also holds your feet snugly in place and keeps them from sliding around. Your feet are separated in the fin and rest on cushions so the flipper itself is quite comfortable. It's made of a specially engineered, super durable plastic & is designed to look like it has realistic fish-tail ridges.

The monofin comes in two sizes:

The Keiki, measuring 18" long & 18.5" at the widest part, is recommended for the 6-12 age range and will fit up to a US women's size 7 foot.

The Nunui, measuring 21" long & 24" at the widest part, is for teens and adults and will fit up to a US men's size 13+ foot.

The skin is what you slip on in addition to the monofin to complete your mermaid look. They're made of an 80/20 spandex material that features a 4-way stretch. The detailing on the mermaid skin is quite impressive. The scales are quite intricate, with a special blend of colors for each tail.

You may be wondering how it all comes together. The skin goes on first and then you put the monofin on and pull the skin over it through the opening at the bottom of the tail. While the tails are snug fitting, they are fully walkable, once you've removed your monofin, that is.

The skins come in several sizes:

M - 6/7
L - 8/10
XL - 10/12

JS - 4/6
JM - 8/10
JL - 12/16

It's important to remember that while the monofin plastic is quite durable, care must be taken with your mermaid skin. It is made out of a spandex blend after all. Try not to walk directly on it, or sit on any rough surfaces. Protector tip stickers come free with every mermaid tail bundle - they help protect your mermaid tail from scrapes and can even mend holes and tears! (They also sell extras on their website, should you need them.)

Want to go further into mermaid madness? Complete your look with a mermaid bikini to match your tail!

Sun Tails even thought about the littlest mermaids out there and created Toddler Tails! (How cute is that name?) Toddler Tails fit more like a skirt and are easy to walk in. The fit is looser and a bit shorter too.

Toddler Tails come in two sizes:

XS - fits ages 2-3
S - fits ages 4-5

Sun Tails isn't mermaid exclusive, though. They also sell shark fins! Worn on the back, the shark fins give your free movement of your arms and body. Add a monofin to complete the shark feel! While the shark fins only come in one size, they do fit ages three to adult.

SwimFin shark fins also provide buoyancy and can function as a great floating device for kids learning to swim, or just as something fun to wear for anyone wanting to play shark. It complies with international safety standards as well. It's inventor, Kevin Moseley, is 6'3" and over 200lbs, and it keeps him afloat!

Want a mermaid tail or a shark fin of your own? Perhaps this would be a perfect gift for a friend of family member this holiday season? Take 10% off your order at Sun Tail Mermaid by using code BestGiftEver at checkout!

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*I received a Siren Green Mermaid Tail & Monofin in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.  

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